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Strawberries Galore

It is prime strawberry season here in Tennessee and I have been enjoying it immensely. We got some strawberries from a lovely little patch in a small town near our home. We went a little crazy and picked a whole flat of strawberries. They are so sweet that they can be eaten without any sugar needed. However, two people can not eat that many strawberries before they start to go bad so I have been baking and canning strawberries up a storm. I made 6 pints of strawberry freezer jam, 3 pints of strawberry syrup, strawberry cinnamon rolls, and a strawberry and chocolate chip cake (recipes will be at the end). I didn’t leave my fur babies out of the strawberry fest either, I made them peanut butter and strawberry popsicles, and some strawberry banana dog biscuits.

My first foray into strawberry freezer jam did not go as planned. The first batch turned out very sugary, and not very jelly like. The second batch turned out amazing though. I believe I did not let the Sure Jell boil long enough in the first batch. Strawberry freezer jam is an easy recipe that makes your family believe you are a culinary genius. If strawberry freezer jam is easy, strawberry sauce is easier. You just combine your ingredients in a sauce pan and let them simmer for a bit, and then blend it all up. The sauce is a great consistency and is sweet, but not that tooth achingly sweet that most sauces are. We use it for pancakes (pairs perfectly with chocolate chip pancakes), ice cream, and yogurt. It goes well with many different things. It is also great as a gift, it has impressed everyone I gave a jar to. In fact, I have been asked to make many more. I made the strawberry chocolate chip cake for a cake auction at our church and boy, was it a hit. It didn’t even make it home with the couple that bought it. It is oh so moist and light. It is not heavy and rich like most cakes, but has that light hint of sweetness combined with the juiciness of the strawberries and the creamy smoothness of the chocolate chips. In short, it is the perfect summer cake. It makes me think of teas with southern belles in a by gone time.

I have to devote a whole paragraph to the cinnamon rolls. They were one of the best things I have ever tasted.  An explosion of flavor that you have to experience for yourself. They were easy to make and you could probably substitute any fruit you want and have them turn out great. They are so good, and you guessed it, easy to make. These were a big hit with my husband and he has requested that I make them often. They are so sweet and full of that wonderful strawberry flavor.

I was on pinterest looking up strawberry recipes when I came across this link: http://doggydessertchef.com/2010/05/18/strawberry-banana-smoothie-biscuits/. It made me wonder if strawberries really are safe for pets so I did some research and according to www.naturipefarms.com  not only are strawberries awesome for your dog they also contain an enzyme that help whiten their teeth. Awesome, right? My pups absolutely loved their dog biscuits and the popsicles are a perfect treat on a hot summers day. However, these treats should be given in moderation.

Do you have a favorite recipe that uses strawberries or constructive criticism for me? Feel free to leave them in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

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