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Wintry Days and Deep Thoughts

On a pipeline wife group I am in, a lady posted something that really got me thinking. This lady lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack, leaving her behind with a 9 year old son. In her post she talked about how we shouldn’t take for granted the things we have everyday. That we should relish the time we have together with our loved ones because we never know when they can be ripped away from us, no rhyme or reason. When you think about it that way, suddenly that little annoying habit isn’t so annoying now. That pet peeve you have about your significant other is just an endearing quirk. This lady posts updates on our group every so often, and each and every one of them break my heart. I just can’t imagine being in her position. My whole life revolves around my husband, everything I do I do with him in mind. The same goes for him. We are each other’s best friend and confidant. We each have our friends, but we would rather be with each other. We still have girls nights and guys nights but we hurry back home to each other. I hope and pray this never changes. I’m not saying we have a perfect marriage, there is no such thing, but we are in sync more often than not. We have squabbles and fights, but we have gotten better at recognizing when we are in the wrong and apologizing to each other. I try to remember that dear lady when we do fight, and this ends the argument better than being right or just walking away. I hope you didn’t mind reading such a sappy post, but this is what was on my mind this morning.