Sleepless nights and Miniature Heart Attacks

My husband passed his inspector’s class yesterday and we drove home the 12 hours to Tennessee. We were so excited. This is going to open up so many new opportunities for us. We were in such a good mood all the way home. We jammed out to all our favorite songs and the drive just seemed to fly by.

Fast forward, we are in bed and he has just fallen asleep. I go to plug my phone up and oh shit! His paperwork with his social security number on it was supposed to be in the bag with all our chargers and it wasn’t. Shit shit shit. So I get up and call the hotel. The lady promises to check lost and found and to call me when its found. So I spent a sleepless night worrying about what could happen and how mad he is going to be. I check my phone a million times. I woke up for the last time at 5:30 am and they still haven’t called. That can’t be good. I get up and let the dogs out and call again. They weren’t in lost and found but the manager will talk to the maids when they arrive for the day and call me back. Great. I’m never going to sleep now. I spend an hour in bed just worrying myself to death. I am literally sick to my stomach. I just know someone is going to steal our identity and ruin our lives. I can’t just lay there and freak out anymore. I get up and finish unloading the car. I see his binder with his work stuff. Please Lord let him have picked that paperwork up. YES!!!!!! It was in there! Thank you Jesus! I have never been so relieved in my life. Oh my gosh. That was the most stressful night I have ever spent. I almost need an Irish Coffee after that. Good Lord.

Moral of this story: check your hotel room a million times before you and never, ever leave important paperwork just laying around.


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