Keystone, Lay Offs, and Stress

So as I was checking my email today, a petition from was urging me to donate money and sign a petition to get our president to veto the Keystone XL. Her reasons where the typical, uninformed reasons and I just rolled my eyes. Most of the proponents of the Keystone XL do not even know that the Keystone is already in the ground. The XL line will just be a straighter, more efficient line. The Keystone will create numerous jobs for Americans which is a good thing. Our economy is a fragile thing right now and our president has not created the jobs he promised he would.

One concern of the opposition is that the pipeline will ruin the land. As a pipeline wife who travels with her husband I can tell you this is not true. Most companies leave the land looking better than when they started. They put sod down and plant trees. In some places you can’t even tell a pipeline has gone through.  Another thing that bothers me about the opposition to Keystone is that they are fine with getting oil from overseas. How hypocritical is that? They sit in their houses enjoying their heat and electricity, drive their cars to these rallies, all the while denouncing the evil of the oil industry. Do they not know what fuels all the luxuries they have?

Due to falling oil prices many companies are laying off workers by the thousands. We have been off for going on 3 months now and we are starting to fill the stress. We are currently in Texas for an inspection class. We hope that if he passes this it will open up some more opportunities for us. We want to earn enough to pay off our debts and build a house so when the time comes for us to have children, they will want for nothing. We are very tight on money right now and it is stressing our marriage. My husband does not wish to burden me with his worries, but we are a team and that is my job to share our problems. He gets irritated very easily now and I know it’s because he is so stressed out. I have started couponing, and downloaded Ibotta and Checkout 51 to help save money. I am also opening up an Etsy shop very soon, so hopefully I will earn a little money and help us. I know what your thinking, “Why doesn’t this spoiled brat stay home and get a job?” Well I don’t stay home because both my husband and I agree that, that is not good for our marriage. I struggle with guilt daily over not helping to provide for our household but he has made it clear he would rather have me with him. I however do have a degree, and when we do decide to have children, if we stay home, I will get a job then.


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